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Shishito Pepper Steak

Date September 10, 2021
This Shishito Pepper Steak recipe packs a savory punch of umami balanced by the fresh shishitos. Super simple and quick…

Edamame Hummus

Date August 26, 2021
This edamame hummus recipe is creamy, delicious, and packed full of nutrition. If you like traditional hummus or steamed edamame…

Simple and Easy Butter Gnocchi

Date August 23, 2021
Soft, warm pillows of potatoey goodness! If you like pasta, or potatoes for that matter, you’ll love this simple and…

Savory Zucchini and Potato Tortino

Date August 5, 2021
Rich, creamy, and delicious! This Savory Zucchini and Potato Tortino was adapted from Pellegrino Artusi’s ‘Science in the Kitchen and…