About Me

Hi, I’m Katelyn!

A passionate gardener and avid cook. I have a wonderful partner, Sal, and the most fun-loving Blue Heeler
pup you’ve ever met! You can find us most nights hanging out in the kitchen after a long evening in the garden. Our favorite meal to have together has to be tacos–we go all out on a taco night!

My passion for cooking started as a child cooking with my father. We would go to the farmers market together, have a cup of peach ice cream, and race home to whip up something with our findings. He always taught me to have an open mind and never be afraid of life.

I go on a lot of tangents and spice exploration in the kitchen, especially when I’m pulling interesting ingredients off the farm. My objective is to help cooks, and non-cooks alike, learn simple and easy recipes for eating healthy and seasonally. When you align yourself with the restrictions of time and seasonality, you begin to realize how special everyday ingredients are. Now tell me cooking isn’t a huge metaphor for life…

Growing food and cooking it for the ones you love is a philosophy–it provides a connection and conveys emotion in ways beyond humbling. How can the sheer taste or smell of a dish immediately evoke the senses of past memories? It’s truly remarkable. My ultimate goal with this website is to show you how easy it can be to nourish your family with food that is both healthy, and delicious–so that you can create your own cherished memories with the people you love!